Dayvonne S., Chief Strategist Officer – It was such a joy being in session with Rev. Melissa. My goal was focus. I wanted to be clear on my professional direction and in my mind, before starting sessions, I imagined what that would look like at the end. Well, to my delightful surprise each session was filled with the ultimate support in conversation and discussion. She listens to be informed and has an amazing gift and skill in re-stating what you’ve said, back to you but in a way that’s far more clear, organized and streamlined, where it “just” clicks. I wanted to focus on professional development, but I received so much more clarity on who I am, how I choose to show up in all types of company & spaces, and the 360-view of natural and acquired gifts & tools I am equipped with to accomplish what I want to in any capacity. Sessions were a delight. She is a blessing. I really looked forward to connecting with Melissa each week and sincerely recommend her to anyone – whether it’s to start fresh, reset or just check-in with yourself.


Stephanie A., Owner, Abundant Life & Wellness Coaching – I met Melissa about 15 years ago.  She was a speaker at my Mocha Moms group.  Melissa’s positive energy, wisdom and bubbly personality were magnetic! Immediately after the meeting, I  asked her to be my coach.  Coaching is Melissa’s anointing and her gift is life-changing.  My coaching sessions with Melissa began my journey of enlightenment.  She was the only person who ever spoke to me about Life’s Truth – about God, myself and my circumstances. I started to see life in a completely new way.  I will always love and appreciate Melissa for showing me the woman I was meant to be.


Abi M., Social Services Executive – Being intrigued by Rev. Melissa’s daily SIPs which she posted on Facebook in the midst of COVID 19 pandemic, I decided to participate in the spiritual book club which was slated to take a deeper dive into the cup of life, one that would allow me to gain a deeper understanding of the many SIPs she provided each morning live on Facebook. I hoped to walk away with a new outlook on my ‘cup’, and the course did not disappoint! With Melissa’s guidance, redirections, deep dives, by doing the text readings, exercises, completing the introspective homework assignments, and fully participating, I was able to rid myself of old views, and now embrace a healthy, loving, and prosperous SIP from the cup of this thing we call life.


Erica L., Human Resources Professional – My experience with Rev Melissa was enlightening as she helped me realize that my negative thoughts was holding me back from my own joy, by recognizing the subconscious voice  it allowed me to replace it with something better.


Heike V., Attorney – This Spiritual Book Club with Rev. Melissa was such an inspiration filled with new revelations and transformations every week. The daily readings were inspirational and eye-opening, and the weekly meetings with the beautiful members of the Book Club reinforced each powerful lesson in the Book. But for me, this amazing personal transformation would not have happened had it not been for Rev. Melissa’s gentle guidance, her intuitive insights, and her helpful coaching. Rev. Melissa create a safe and uplifting space for all of us to open up, to share our experiences, and to learn valuable lessons from each other.


Julienne H., Playwright/Theater Producer – Rev. Melissa is a true joy and light to all who is in her company. I love that she holds absolutely no judgements and her true gift is in gently offering us a chance to try something new. She never tells us what’s wrong, she gives ideas and examples and then watches us make the connections for ourselves. I love her giving nature, joyfully giving us two snaps up when we have ah ha moments.


Stephanie P., Adjunct Professor – The Spiritual Book Club, was one of the most positive events that I have participated in. It was a God Send during the isolation experienced by the pandemic. It was a highlight during an extremely difficult time.


Toronda M., Human Resources Executive – Rev. Melissa is truly a gifted inspirational voice and her work provides others with a platform for spiritual and personal growth. She is well-read, knowledgeable and committed to her practice. Her charismatic demeanor exudes joy and is very inviting to others who seek her trusted guidance.


Vanessa A., Fashion Industry – Sr. Director Technical Design – Rev. Mel is my cousin-sister-friend.  I’ve known her all her life and to see how she’s developed into a spiritual warrior is a great thing to witness.  Participating in the book club, especially during this time of change in our world, was an opportunity to be up-close and personal to her specialness; she’s so well read, is a great listener, and applied her years of training in spiritual practice to each one of us as individuals.  And the bonus was listening, sharing and supporting each other through the process as we shared our experiences and interpretation of the readings.  The book was a great introduction for those seeking to go deeper in spirit.  And Rev. Mel is a great teacher!


Anonymous, Social Worker: Very Motivating. Melissa always came with a smile and a laugh. Melissa was a straight shooter which allowed you to “get it”. Giving myself permission to create my own affirmation was like a light went off inside me. Grateful for your time and efforts.


Joan P., Retired elementary school teacher: A great learning experience with a caring and inspirational teacher!


Nan M-L.: Rev. Melissa is a wonderful teacher.  Warm, encouraging, funny, wise, and so insightful!  The ideas presented in the 30 Day Mental Diet can change your life for the better if you take it to heart and do the work.  And Rev. Melissa guided us through the process in an easy, fun, and loving way.  I highly recommend everyone to take this class!


Stacey L., Licensed Spiritual (Religious Science) Practitioner: Rev. Melissa’s joy is infectious and captivating!  It is a joy to be around her.  She also is very intuitive and insightful and listens to what is being said and what is not being said.  I feel really seen and heard by her.  I highly recommend working with Rev. Melissa in any capacity.  She is truly a joyful, wonderful gift.


Brenda R-Z., Retired Educator:  Rev. Melissa was very engaging! Her joy of life and desire to support others was evident in her enthusiasm, which was evident even via Zoom. She uses her life coaching experience to provide much-needed encouragement, ask probing questions, and make beneficial suggestions. It was a joy working with Rev. Melissa!


Kelly W-E., Author & Educator: This class was truly a Blessing to me. It couldn’t have happened at a better time in my life. I was going through some extreme emotional situations with my family and Reverend Melissa was kind, supportive and always available to help. Her personality is light and free. You feel uplifted by just being in her presence. I am grateful we connected.


Lucia L.,: Retired Correctional Counselor: What a joy it was working with Rev. Melissa during the 30 Day Mental Diet. She brought so much energy to the class! She encouraged us, she celebrated us and her love and joy were a soothing balm to those who were experiencing challenges. All I can say is thank you for this very positive experience